How is asbestos removed?

When removal of bonded asbestos containing materials (ACM’S) takes place, the work where possible should be carried out inside a specially constructed 1000 gauge polythene respirator exclusion zone where possibly to prevent the spread of asbestos fibres leaking outside of the work area and onto another.

This is why we think it is so important that we carry out our initial site visit for every asbestos removal enquiry we receive so as to work out the safest, quickest and most cost effective way to complete the asbestos removal program for you.

All of our asbestos removal sites will have an experienced manager present to lead our fully trained operatives throughout the removal process.

The respirator exclusion zone will be set up as per our safe system plan of works that has be written up from the information gathered at the initial quotation visit.

Operatives wearing elastic hooded disposable type 5/6 coveralls / gloves / wellies and personal respiratory protective equipment will enter the exclusion zone and fully suppress the ACM’S with a formulated wetting agent prior and during its removal. Heppa type vacuum units are also used to shadow vac (catch any fibres) that may become airborne.

The ACM’S are immediately wrapped in 1000 gauge polythene and or bagged in regulation asbestos sacks. They will then be either double wrapped or double bagged for added protection during transport to our licensed waste vehicle or on site sealed skip.

Once the ACM’S have been successfully removed the working area will be given a fine clean which will include cleaning any supporting fixtures the ACM’S were attached to along with the surrounding area.

Although air testing (Providing information on respirable fibre concentration in the air after removal works) isn’t a legal requirement for bonded asbestos we always offer clients the option of re-assurance air testing for that extra peace of mind.

Fibrous asbestos containing materials such as insulation board or pipe lagging are removed in a more controlled environment which must be placed under negative pressure, have full decontamination facilities on site and air testing is a legal requirement during and on completion of the works.

ACM solutions will be happy to appoint and project manage an approved licensed contractor to ensure the works are carried out to a high standard and in line with the control of asbestos regulation 2012.

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