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We have over a decade of expert knowledge in Asbestos removal and management services


We offer professional Asbestos removal and management services in Sussex and the surrounding areas.

Project Management
& Consultancy

Let us be your eyes and ears to ensure complex and high-risk asbestos works are carried out to the standards set by the Health and safety executive (HSE).


Following any removal works you may need suitable products to replace the Asbestos. Our experienced team can plan and oversee reinstatement works quickly and safely.


There can be circumstances where removing Asbestos may not be the best option. Encapsulation is a method of treating and coating the ACMs so that fibres cannot escape into the atmosphere.

Bulk Sample

Want to know if a material contains asbestos? We carry our Asbestos surveys in Sussex. We take a small sample and have it analysed by an approved UKAS accredited laboratory and forward an electronic report within 24 working hours.


We can carry out the compulsory training that is required under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 before working on properties built before the year 2000.

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